PHOTOGRAPHY > Self-portrait in Dialog

Each of these images are "Untitled," from the series, "Self-portrait in Dialog with Lygia Clark."

I made these images of myself with a simple digital point and shoot camera while interacting with Lygia Clark's "Díalogo: Óculos."

Clark's stunning work was originally developed in 1968 as a performance piece for cooperative exchange, designed to encourage partnership, simultaneity and subsequent shifts in perception and orientation.

The piece invited two people to each wear a pair of goggles which were joined together by collapsible arms and adjustable mirrors.

By interacting with one another and the seeing device, partners were able to share, obstruct and reconfigure their individual and shared vision.

I experienced the piece in February of 2009 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as part of the exhibition, "The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now," curated by Rudolf Frieling.

It was thrilling to dialogue with Clark's piece for several minutes while positioning my camera as the other participating partner.